Virtual Terminal

Accept Payments by phone, mobile, fax, or email with the Choice virtual terminal.

The web-based application enables you to enter credit card and ACH payments directly from your merchant portal, or generate a link to send via email or SMS text for customers to pay. No additional equipment or devices needed.

Collect payments faster, improve cash flow, and eliminate paper invoices with our e-invoicing and billing system. Create and send digital invoices with a Pay Now button that can be sent via email or SMS text. Set up auto reminders for past due invoices with a click-to-pay button to make it easy for customers to pay.

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    Responsive design - looks great on all devices
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    Personalization design options. An App that is a part of you.
  • Invoice Payments

    Create and send a secure link via email or SMS Text, or generate one-time and recurring payments.

  • Manage Customers

    Safely store customer data and payment profiles to make it easy for repeat customers to make future purchases.

  • Recurring Billing

    Manage subscription and recurring payments with flexible features to accomodate any billing model. Add Account Updater to reduce declines due to expired credit cards.

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Automatic invoicing & payments to support recurring business models. Customizable billing features to accept one-time or recurring payments. Just choose the amount, date, and method of delivery for every customer.

Provide a contactless way to pay by sending an e-invoice
directly to your customers mobile device to give them the
ability to pay-by-text and provide an automated digital receipt

Email and SMS Text Billing and Receipts
Invoices, auto reminders, and electronic receipts can be sent to multiple devices.

Recurring billing and Account Updater
Streamline your recurring billing by giving you the tools to

customize frequencies, dates, and more. Set up notifications
and invoices for automatic charges during a billing cycle.

Choose the date and method of delivery. Automated payments
or invoices can be sent and processed with customized
frequency. Partial payments supported. Options to restrict
processing by card or input types: Credit/Debit/Prepaid,
Swiped, Keyed, and more.

Due dates automation
Built to enhance convenience around due dates to improve
management during billing periods.


Access built-in and custom reports that can be scheduled and delivered when you need them, in real time.

Our merchant portal dashboard gives you access to real-time data to manage all transactions including Point-of-Sale from as a single location. Create custom reports, reconcile payments, view outstanding invoices, upcoming recurring billing transactions, payment types, and more for improved forecasting.

Custom Reports
We have built out the most requested data reports, but if you need something specific to your business, we offer custom reporting options.

Financial Reports
Create financial reports for all data including American Express, all accessed from a single point to make reconciliation simple.


Reduce exposure with our advanced built-in fraud and risk prevention tools that work to significantly limit fraud losses and reduce risk exposure. Tokenization and encryption are used to protect sensitive customer data and keep you in PCI compliance.


  • Tokenization and Encryption
  • Built-in Advanced Fraud
  • 3D Secure
  • PCI-DSS Compliant Gateway
  • NACHA Compliant for ACH Payments
  • Regulation E Complaint for Recurring Payment

3D Secure
Add an extra layer of authentication like 3D Secure provides added “peace of mind” for your customers around payment safety and security

Identify High Risk transactions
Card/BIN blocking features

Chargebacks and Disputes
Easily access and manage chargebacks and disputes right from your dashboard including electronic submission of authorization evidence of the transaction.


We offer a fully integrated suite of APIs and tools to enable payments on your software platform. Leverage our APIs to customize your payment flows that best support your business model, while Choice handles all of the compliance.

Flexible RESTful APIs provide an easy connectivity path to your SaaS platform. Integrate quickly with code samples for Postman. Postman is a collaboration platform that simplifies each step of building an API to make the process faster.

PCI compliant Hosted Payment Page enhances security, offers multiple payment options, and reduces merchant liability

Payment Buttons guarantee faster transactions and efficiency gains –¬† they also drive impulse purchases.

Prebuilt third party integrations like QuickBooks for easy automated reconciliation

Technology Features

  • Unified Credit Card and ACH Acceptance
  • Custom Workflow and Automation
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Multiple EMV Terminal Options
  • Custom Reporting and Dashboard
  • Recurring Billing
  • Simplified Merchant Boarding
  • Open RESTful API with sample code
  • Level 2/3 Data
  • Dual Pricing & Surcharge Certified
  • QuickBooks Integration
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